Let Us Know How You’re Doing

It’s important to the success of the company that H&N Media management is clear about its expectations for each person to success. And equally important that the team members hear from management with regards to their personal performance. It’s our practice to be transparent with each employee and to offer periodic feedback. But we also expect employees to communicate with management regularly, and to inquire when there is any question about how things are going.

It’s the responsibility of both the employee and employer to have a mutual understanding about the employee’s performance. If you haven’t heard from management in a while, pick up the phone and call. We are all busy with our work, but never too busy to talk with a team member.

As a sales team, any of us will not be successful operating as an island. We have years of experience helping business partners succeed with our publications. And we would expect that newer salespeople will benefit by learning from others who are more experienced. Take advantage of that history to reach out to others on your team and especially Ted Bainbridge, Founder and President of Here & Now. He’s a wealth of information and offers sincere support. It’s in the best interest of the company that you succeed. Let us help you do that.



Susan Simpson, Bend, OR

Eric Smileuske, Washington Coast

Elaine Landis, Oregon Coast

Ronda Barzilay, Okanagan, BC

Lisa Pollock, Medford, OR

Aathan  , Bozeman, MT


Ted Bainbridge, Founder and President, Bend, OR

Leslie Bainbridge, Bend, OR

Richard Morton, Bend, OR

Patricia Olson, Bend, OR


Clint Nye, Bend, OR

Ryan DeBardelaben, Bend, OR

Christy McLeod, Bend, OR