Earn Your Maximum Compensation

Here and Now Publications offers all sales and account executives an opportunity to earn unlimited commissions with potential to be highly successful in the publishing and media business. We hope you’ll take full advantage of these incentives.   



Below is an overview of the general terms of the commission plan at Here & Now. Each salesperson signs a compensation agreement that supersedes any information found here. Refer to your individual compensation agreement for all details surrounding your commission and pay plan.



In addition to the employee’s salary, a salesperson will receive commissions on sales of advertising published in Here & Now publications. We believe this is a tremendous opportunity for ambitious and competent sales professionals to earn high incomes.

Each salesperson is expected to close and collect a minimum of $600,000 in advertising revenue, including digital and print, to H&N annually. Performance reviews are based on many factors, most of which is the achievement of revenue goals.

Here & Now sales executives will receive ten percent (10%) commission on all NET sales that are collected from the advertiser, whether the ad has published or not. The sale is considered COMPLETE and commissions are EARNED, and subsequently PAID, when Here and Now receives FINAL PAYMENT from the client, and the sales executive is EMPLOYED by Here and Now.*

Here and Now compensates salaried employees with pay periods semi-monthly, determined by the calendar month, and deposited electronically on the 15th and last date of the month, for the days worked up to that date of deposit. Commissioned earnings are reconciled at the end of each QUARTER, and compensated on the 15th of the following month at this schedule: April 15th, July 15th, October 15th, January 15th.  Commissions are only earned while a representative is employed at Here and Now. *Upon termination, the employee will receive all commissions EARNED up to the last date of employment.

There are opportunities to earn additional income based on reaching sales goals. More details are available on a periodic basis and based on individual markets.

Occasionally, a salesperson may sell advertising to a client where the ad publishes ‘out of market’ in another rep’s assigned market area. This might include a company headquarters in one market and served by that representative, but the ad publishes business in another market location. More information is found here regarding those commission calculations.



In order to get out of the gate quickly and build solid momentum, it’s important to commit to a good plan. Regardless of the publication, the process is the same:

  • Make a solid list of companies you think would qualify and be interested in marketing their business to the reader
  • Put that list into Insightly so you can track all communications.
  • Put 20 business cards in your pocket every morning and don’t come home until they are all gone. You’ll be amazed at how much potential business you’ll have using this simple technique. It reminds you to keep going, keep calling, keep networking.
  • Commit to making at least 6-8 presentations per day. With Build Magazine, the presentation is no more than 15 mins that could stretch to 30 mins with a sign up. A high conversion rate will happen as they are all from other client referrals.
  • Once you’ve perfected the presentation, your close ratio will be anywhere from 20-50%+, depending on the product.

As with all products, the objective is to build long term relationships. 85% retention of clients is the minimum standard that will guarantee your success. Attend chamber functions, United Way, events of the community. Get involved. Become known by your community for your outstanding service. Make sure your personal brand is one that is remembered.