Getting Started

Here and Now Media Group welcomes you to a high performing and successful group of professionals. We are thrilled you’re joining the company at a time of growth and opportunity. Have fun, enjoy your work, and above all be proud of your products, the integrity of your company and being a part of a winning team.


The following employment policies are designed to provide a workplace environment that is fulfilling, challenging and welcoming to all. But, above all, H&N creates an atmosphere where you can succeed. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Here and Now Human Resources at any time.



Now that you’ve joined Here and Now, let’s make the most of the partnership. We’re here to help you be successful and you’re here to be a success. It’s a perfect fit. We have a positive culture at all times and our team members have a can-do spirit that helps Here and Now Media achieve great results. We’re sure you’ll fit in. But at any time, if you feel things are not going well, we want to know right away. And we’ll do the same. Communication is the key – you can expect to hear from us regularly, and we expect that you’ll do that as well.


All employees have signed an employment agreement which supercedes any information found here. Please refer to your agreement for detailed employment information. Independent Contractors have also signed an agreement and some of the information here may not apply.


Here and Now Media is committed to providing an equal opportunity employment workplace for all employees in accordance with the law. We hire employees who, by virtue of their personal skills, experience, and qualifications are best suited to succeed. Our culture celebrates the unique talent in each of us, and we expect you to excel at Here and Now Media. Our equal opportunity actions apply to recruitment, selection, transfer, promotion, discipline, training, and compensation, as well as termination from employment.



Here and Now Media compensates employees with pay periods semi-monthly, determined by the calendar month, and deposited electronically on the 15th and last date of the month, for the days worked up to that date of deposit. Commissioned employees are compensated at the same time as all employees, however, their commissioned earnings are reconciled at the end of each quarter, and compensated on the 15th of the following month: April 15th, July 15th, October 15th, January 15th. See Commission Plan for more details.


Here and Now Media is committed to a work environment where all employees can succeed and enjoy their experience with team members, contractors and clients. Here and Now Media strictly prohibits harassment of any kind toward one employee by another employee, supervisor, contractor, client or third party for any reason including, but not limited to age, race, sex, religion, national origin, mental or physical disability, color, sexual orientation or marital status.

Harassment includes unwelcome verbal or physical conduct that is sufficiently severe or pervasive to create a hostile or offensive work environment. This includes: slurs, name calling, threats, derogatory comments or visual depictions, unwelcome jokes (including racial, ethnic or gender), teasing, and other similar verbal or physical contact.
Sexual Harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and/or verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature including, but not limited to, drawings, pictures (including computer images), sexualized jokes, teasing, uninvited touching or other sexually related comments.

In addition, Here and Now Media fosters an environment where all team members can feel comfortable and creative while excelling in a successful culture of high performance. All employees are expected to exhibit behavior that is professional with excellent communications skills, offering support to team members in the workplace. Rude and hostile, unhelpful and unproductive behaviors will not be tolerated and will result in termination. We’re here to support one another, not oppress a single person. Celebrate success in all of us and we will thrive together.


Any employee who experiences unwelcome behaviors is first encouraged to tell the offender in clear terms that the conduct is not acceptable and that it has to stop, offering the other party the opportunity to cease the behavior. If the party continues with the unacceptable behavior, or you are uncomfortable addressing the behavior, immediately report this action to Human Resources or Ted Bainbridge.


Be trustworthy and kind, says the Boy Scouts. That’s good advice. Our clients and fellow team members expect each of us to maintain the highest standard of ethics and to be someone they trust. Employees will maintain all information about clients’ business decisions in the strictest confidence, and shall not disclose that information during the term of their conversations with third parties. Team members are for the most part on a need-to-know-basis in discussing client’s confidential business, or personal information, and each should use caution when talking about anything that might be considered by our clients confidential in nature.

In addition, Here and Now Media holds employee personnel information in the strictest confidence and discourages team members from sharing confidential information between team members. No one on our team should be a victim of gossip. Just don’t do it. We don’t like it.

What the company owns, stays with the company. Employees are not allowed to remove from Here and Now Media or reproduce any business information, including, but not limited to, client contact and business information or purchasing history, without the express prior written consent of Here and Now Media. See Employment Agreement for more detailed information.
Employees should use their best judgement and not post on social media any information about their client contact or the Here and Now Media business that is not public information.


All work that is created by employees within the scope of employment at H&N Media, whether published or not, is the sole property of H&N Media. Examples may include ad design, branding concepts, copywriting, positioning concepts, messaging, art design, proposals, marketing materials, or any other items created for clients or company in the course of work.


We expect our team members to all be rowing in the same direction. To avoid any potential conflicts of interest, the employee must notify management prior to accepting any outside freelance or contract work, any non-profit charitable involvement, or any business relationship that may be considered a conflict to the goals, mission and interests of the company. We’re pretty busy around here, but if you feel you have time to take on other projects, just give us a heads up.


Here and Now Media promotes the employee health, well-being, and safety in the workplace. As well, clients expect top quality, excellent service, attention to detail, articulate explanations and timely action. The workplace is fast paced and requires focused attention to completing tasks on time. With that in mind, involvement with recreational drugs and alcohol can adversely affect job performance and can jeopardize employee safety. Therefore, the company does not allow an employee to be impaired by the use of alcohol and drugs at any time while representing us.
Occasionally, we have an opportunity to meet with and entertain clients out of the office, which may include alcoholic beverages at an appropriate time and quantity. At no time will an employee representing the company become inebriated nor exhibit inappropriate conduct with other team members or clients.


All information on company owned computers, cell phones or tablets, including web browsing history, is the property of the Here and Now Media and may be viewed by Here and Now Media management at any time. Employees are not allowed to download any program without express approval by Here and Now Media management. Employees are asked to use the utmost caution when browsing the Internet in order not to introduce a virus to the system, including NOT downloading any file that is not received from a trusted source.


We are offering you an opportunity to be very successful in your position with Here and Now Media, and it’s our intent for employment with us to be successful for all parties. However, your employment does not constitute an employment contract of any kind, nor does it supersede the Oregon at-will employment laws. Employment may be terminated by either you or by Here and Now Media any time and for any reason not prohibited by law.


TERMINATION: If for any reason your employment is terminated, you will be notified by Founder and President, Ted Bainbridge. For an employee who voluntarily resigns and gives at least 48 hours notice of separation, or is terminated by the company, the company will mail their final check to their last address on record within 48 hours. If the employee has given less than 48 hours notice of voluntary resignation, a final check will be mailed within 5 days from the date of notice.
For a commissioned employee, earnings are defined and calculated based on the advertising client’s payment to Here and Now. A commissioned employee’s final check includes all earnings by the date of departure, based on what’s been paid to H&N by the client. No further commissions are earned or paid to the employee after their date of departure. See Commission Plan for more details.






This is a pretty good summary of what it’s like to work at Here and Now Media. More specific details are available in your Employment Agreement and Commission Plan, which you signed when you started. We look forward to a successful working relationship and hope you agree that Here and Now is a great place to be.