It’s Awesome Working Here | H&N Employee Benefits

Here and Now is committed to the well being of all our team members. We know how hard you work, and respect your contribution to the success of the company. We also want to support your commitment to yourself. With that, we’ve designed a generous benefit package we believe is the strongest in the industry, especially for a company our size.


The company matches the employee’s contribution into a Simple IRA, up to a maximum of 3% of employee’s total compensation, with restrictions outlined by law and the regulations of the plan. A Simple IRA is a type of tax-deferred employer-provided retirement plan in the United States that allows employees to set aside money and invest it to grow for retirement. See Human Resources for more information about the Simple IRA.
Company may adjust, alter, or terminate any employment benefits at any time by providing written notice to Employee.


Our focus and dedication is to serve our clients with exceptional attention and service, and to do so you must be present physically and mentally. We understand that people need time away from the office to attend to personal matters and to recharge with family and friends. Our PTO policies not only meet the requirement of Oregon and Federal law, they are generous. Plus we offer abundant paid holidays so that employees can bring their full commitment to the work day and our clients.
We encourage people to use their PTO wisely to ensure personal matters are handled proactively, and not interfere with the work day.
PTO BENEFIT: Here and Now Media offers a PTO allowance where full time exempt employees receive 80 hours of paid time off annually for any reason at the following schedule:
40 hours of PTO are available after first 90 days of employment.
80 hours of PTO are available after first 6 months of employment, and annually thereafter.
UNEXPECTED LEAVE: Employees may use PTO at any time for purposes covered by the Oregon Sick Time law, for personal illness or medical appointment, or that of an immediate family member. PTO may be used to seek legal counsel or for a dependent, dealing with law enforcement or justice division, as well as for issues related to a public or private school for a dependent.
EXPECTED LEAVE (Vacation): Vacation blocks of time from one day to multiple days are defined as PTO that can be planned in advance. Employees must notify Ted Bainbridge with intentions to take PTO for planned leave a minimum 30 days in advance. All efforts to grant planned leave will be considered, dependent on the needs of the Here and Now Media and its clients.
PTO CARRYOVER: PTO is not carried over from one year into the next. All PTO must be taken by the end of the same year it is granted.
PTO UPON TERMINATION: The company does not pay unused PTO when an employee is terminated, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.


Employees are required to use PTO for any absence from work. After all PTO has been exhausted, additional unpaid time off is available upon Here and Now Media discretion and approval in advance. This does not constitute an agreement for employees to be granted unpaid leave, only that it may be considered.


The success of Here and Now Media depends on the quality of service we provide our customers and the efficiency of the operation, while meeting all deadlines. We can do this when everyone pulls together. In fairness to everyone, an employee who demonstrates a consistent pattern of unexpected absence from the work beyond PTO benefits will be asked to leave the Team. Refer to the Paid Time Off (PTO) paragraph regarding approved time off.